Invisible Inc club for Years 4 – 6  

Tuesdays 3:20pm – 4:30pm (starting Tuesday 5th May)

Led by J Mickela Sonola, the aim of this workshop is to boost confidence in creative writing and to make writing FUN!  It is perfect for budding writers and even for those who say they HATE writing.  The club is for years 4, 5, and 6.  Places are limited and offered on a first come, first served basis so please pick up a joining letter from Mrs Murray in Year 6.

Would you like to have been an Anglo-Saxon?

Nepal Link School


We are delighted to inform you of a new school linking project that we are setting up with a school in rural Nepal. The school is in the foothills of the Annapurna Mountains and is a school that one of our staff members, Miss Stillings, worked closely with for 2 years. The school is called Macchepuchhre school and is named after the mountain that it sits beneath. The children at Chorlton Park are currently creating a school photo book all about our school and local area that will be presented to the school in Nepal. We hope this is the start of a long friendship and many activities between the schools that allow the children to learn about lives very different to their own.

We are also currently running a raffle to raise money for our link school. One prize will be drawn per year group. The prizes will be traditional handicrafts made in The Annapurna conservation area in Nepal. Tickets are £1 each or £5 for 7. All raffle money must be given to the office or class teachers in an envelope with the child’s name and class written clearly on the front. The raffle money will be used to buy essential equipment, such as pencils, chalk and chalk board and text books for Macchepuchhre school. Please buy your raffle tickets by this Thursday!

Please contact Miss Stillings (Yr3) or Miss Kinglsey (Y5) if you would like to find out more!

KS2 Eggcelent Writing Competition

Choose your favourite character (this can either be from a book or a film/TV programme). The Easter bunny has gone missing the day before Easter Sunday…your character is asked by a secret organisation to find him so that he can deliver all the eggs on Easter Sunday.
Your task: Write a short story (200 words) about how your character tracks down the Easter Bunny and saves Easter.
(Think about: Who has kidnapped the Easter Bunny? Why? Where does he find him? How does your character find him?)
Here’s an idea of how you could start your story…
“We need your help! Now!” Secret X urged…

Closing Date: Wednesday 22nd April 2015
How to enter: Please submit your entry onto your year group blog page or you can hand in any entries to Mrs Murray.

Science Day in 5SK!

Science Day in 5SK!

We have had lots of fun today investigating materials!
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5LO went silly for Science today!

5LO went silly for Science today!

We put our Scientist coats on today and investigated lots of different materials as part of our Science question ‘How are materials different?’
We had to group materials based on their properties. As you can see it was a lot of fun!

5JD are ‘MAD’ scientists!

5JD are ‘MAD’ scientists!

It’s Science week and today we have had a SCIENCE DAY investigating materials that burn and looking at reversible and irreversible changes. We have also been doing lots of experiemnts about the properties of materials, testing flexibility, solubility, conductivity, transparency and magnetism. We’ve had lots of fun!


Xander’s Time In San Diego Part 1

Xander’s Time In San Diego Part 1

Hello year 5.

I have done lots of interesting things here in San Diego.
I have been to the Maritime Museum Of San Diego and learnt how to furl a yard.
Do you know what a yard is? It’s a part attached to a mast of a ship that goes across and holds each sail. The Star Of India is the oldest active iron hulled sailing boat in the world, and it came to San Diego in 1927. I have been aboard many times, and this time, I met a man called Chester who showed me how to furl a yard. The Star Of India Was launched in 1863 and from then to here, it has had many adventures, like the time it got dismasted by a cyclone in the Bay Of Bengal.
The Other ships there are the Surprise that was used in the film, Master And Commander, and the Forth Pirates Of The Carribean Film; A Russian submarine that was used to torpedo American boats in the Cold War; A steam Ferry called the Berkley that operated in San Fransisco bay; The Medea is a steam yacht that is 110 years old. There is also a Pilot boat that is 101 years old, and a boat called the swift boat. I have been on the Pilot boat before and it is an amazing cruise around San Diego bay.

Hope you are having a fantastic time at Chorlton Park Primary.

Good wishes, Xander.


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5SK’s year so far…

What does 5JD know about Dr. Barnardo?

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What does 5LO know about Dr. Barnardo?

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What does 5SK know about Dr. Barnardo?

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Have a go at some creative writing…

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Leela’s Mr Men story

About 50 miles from town there is a town called cupcake village. The royal, posh house was buzy and tidy. A little girl lived in this house but she was very, very spoilt. The sweet, chatty little Miss Spoilt was popular and mini.

The next day she got in her mum’s long, gold car and went to school.
“ I want that!” it was a massive gold dress. (Gold was her favorite colour)
“I promise it will be in your room in 1 and a half hours.” replied little Miss Rich, her mum.
“Make it half and it is a deal” snapped Little Miss Spoilt.
“Anything for you honey.” she said, thankful as they arrived at school.

Little, Little Miss Greedy by Laiba

In the greediest town of Greedville there lived a blue, greedy little girl called a Little,Little Miss Greedy, the daughter of Little Miss Greedy.Little,Little Miss Greedy lived in a kettle shaped house with a rectangualer,pink door. Little, Little Miss Greedy had the most unusual garden, not to mention house, (it’s obvious that if you have a house shaped as a kettle it would steam in the inside.)

What would you like to learn about Africa?

Can you write any questions you would like to learn about our next Big Question; “What would you discover on your journey through Africa?”

Please write your questions below in a comment.


Aphrodite interview 5th July 2014 with Reuben Age 10

Aphrodite interview 5th July 2014 with Reuben Age 10

Erin’s Mr men story

Bang an avalanch of smoke and dust floaded the area. Soon an oddly shaped space ship appeared. Suddenly a door opened and out came a green charactor called little Miss Alien. The 5 eyed, smiley little Miss Alein was funny yet easly annoyed. Little Miss Alien lived in a wacky excentric house with seventeen green windows and a pointy stick on top of it. Later on Mr Tickle was walking to school when he came across little Miss Aleins space ship. Mr Tickle was intreved so he walked over intull he got to the steps then he knoked on the door.

Little Miss Alein opened the door and stared at the odd orange creature.
“pongle slatta lata parr.” blerted out little Miss Alein.
“Do yooou Speek English?” questioned Mr Tickle.
“Ow yes where are you going?” repeted little Miss Alein
“Well um I am going to school.” ended Mr Tickle and then he went over and started flapping around with her anteni.” ow my eyes are aking.” protested Little Miss Alien.
“sorry .”frowened Mr Tickle.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Writing Competition

Competition time!

As you may have heard, a previously unpublished chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has recently been published.

As you read the chapter, you may notice that a few of the characters are different from the final, published version. Why didn’t he add this chapter? Why did he change some of the characters? Even great authors, such as Roald Dahl, continuously edit their work before they are happy with the final version.


Imagine that you have found another unpublished chapter of the story. What new room in the Chocolate Factory would Mr Wonka take the group to? Could it be a room made from marshmallow or jelly? Who works in this room? What mischief could one of the characters get up to and what would be their consequence? Would you want to introduce any new characters? For example, Peppa Achu, a girl who is allergic to quite a lot of things.

So, what do you need to do?

Write a new chapter for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and email it to or hand it in to me by Friday 3rd October 2014. All entries will be displayed.

What must your chapter include?

–      Mr Wonka.

–      Charlie (you can choose if it is his Grandad or Mum who is with him).

–      A new chocolate room where something (good or bad) happens.

–      At least 1 more character.

There will be a prize for one person in each year group

I am looking forward to reading all of your exciting and imaginative chapters.

Good luck J




The Vanilla Fudge Room is from an early draft of Roald Dahl’s most famous novel. With new illustrations by Quentin Blake

The Vanilla Fudge Room

The remaining eight children, together with their mothers and fathers, were ushered out into the long white corridor once again.

“I wonder how Augustus Pottle and Miranda Grope are feeling now?” Charlie Bucket asked his mother.

“Not too cocky, I shouldn’t think” Mrs Bucket answered. “Here – hold on to my hand, will you, darling. That’s right. Hold on tight and try not to let go. And don’t you go doing anything silly in here, either, you understand, or you might get sucked up into one of those dreadful pipes yourself, or something even worse maybe. Who knows?”

Little Charlie took a tighter hold of Mrs Bucket’s hand as they walked down the long corridor. Soon they came to a door on which it said:


“Hey, this is where Augustus Pottle went to, isn’t it?” Charlie Bucket said.

“No”, Mr Wonka told him. “Augustus Pottle is in Chocolate Fudge. This is Vanilla. Come inside, everybody, and take a peek.”

They went into another cavernous room, and here again a really splendid sight met their eyes.

In the centre of the room there was an actual mountain, a colossal jagged mountain as high as a five-storey building, and the whole thing was made of pale-brown, creamy, vanilla fudge. All the way up the sides of the mountain, hundreds of men were working away with picks and drills, hacking great hunks of fudge out of the mountainside; and some of them, those that were high up in dangerous places, were roped together for safety.

As the huge hunks of fudge were pried loose, they went tumbling and bouncing down the mountain, and when they reached the bottom they were picked up by cranes with grab-buckets, and the cranes dumped the fudge into open waggons – into an endless moving line of waggons (rather like smallish railway waggons) which carried the stuff away to the far end of the room and then through a hole in the wall.