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Kate’s amazing Victorian doll!

Kate’s amazing Victorian doll!

This week, I was thrilled to have this Victorian ‘china’ doll brought in as home learning. Well done Kate in 5JD for a super and creative piece of home learning. Super star! Well done to everyone else who has also brought in creative home learning projects this week. Comment below on what you’ve created…

IMG_1856[1] IMG_1857

What 5JD think about bullying…

We watched the Newsround debate on bullying and discussed whether we think bullies should be punished or helped. 18 of us thought they should be helped, 3 of us thought that they should be punished and 5 of us believe that bullies should be both helped and punished.


We talked about what we would do to help bullies if we were in charge for a day:

Amina thought “They should be helped by letting them express the reasons why they are bullying someone and then tell them what they are doing wrong and how they can do things better.”

Muskaan “I think that people who are being bullied and the people who are bullying should get together and sort it out.”

Rafael “Explain what they are doing wrong and tell them how it affects others.”

Reese “I think you should tell them what you’re doing wrong and explain that it’s not nice.”

Lewis “I think you should talk to the bully and the victim with a teacher and let them talk to each other. Try to find out why they are doing it.”

Callum “I think that bullies should miss play times and lunch times until they learn how to behave. Teachers should help them change they’re ways.”


Teachers at CPPS talk to bullies and help them reflect on their behaviour and help them to improve it.

Emotive language – show not tell

Blushing red, the tired school boy held dumbbells and stretched his arms out.


I hid in the corner of the room biting my nails because I did not want to clean the machines.


Laughing, Samuel Gregg jumped  with joy because he was making lots of money.


Slowly, a tear trickled down the apprentices face, whilst they were working.


She bit her nails with fear, whilst the overseer screamed at her.


By Asma and Tenisha



Styal mill by mahmoud

We learnt about the cotton machines and the working conditions in the mill like:deaf because of the loud machines , you could choke from the dust and this thing happened were this guy got his head crushed in a machine and and another guy got his arm torn off -mahmoud

Facts from Styal mill Delice 5LO

  1. you weren’t allowed to be left handed
  2. Children used chamber pots for being sick and if they needed to go to the toilet
  3. Doctors used leeches to cure headaches
  4. Aprentices had to eat cold porridge from their hand
  5. People say that the ghost of ester is still at Styal mill
  6. Kids played with spinning tops and a cup and ball
  7. People have to walk barefoot because they weren’t allowed clogs
  8. Girls had better toilets than boys
  9. John Foden died because the machine was on and he couldn’t get away in time so he got his head crushed
  10. Many people became death because of the noise from the machines

hope you enjoyed my facts don’t forget to coment

10 facts about Queen Victoria Hadi

10 Facts about Queen Victoria

  1. queen victoria had 9 children,40 great grand children and 37 great-grand children .
  2.  victoria was only her second name, her first name is alexandrina.
  3. because of her first name, she was know as ‘dria’ when she was young
  4.  ten British prime mnisters under queen victoria. Only george III (14) and queen elizabeth II (12) have had more. 
  5. queen Victoria in England’s longest- serving monarch. elizabeth II will have to stay on the thorn until September 11,2015 to overtake her.
  6. the state of queensland, australia is named after queen victoria, who signed the order creating its statehood in 1859.
  7. more than 50 pubs i the uk are named after queen victoria.
  8. . she was the first british monarc to have elctric lights, a telphone or to ride on a trai.
  9. in 2008, a pair of queen victoria’s 50-inch waist blomers were bought at action for £4,500.
  10. the duke of Edinburgh is queen victoria’s great-great-grandson.

trip to styal mill

I really enjoyed going to Styal mill today because I learnt loads of new facts about how work was at the mill . I thought it really unfair that woman and girls got paid less and children had  to work with these dangerous machines and loads more things but my favourite thing that i learnt and saw was the wool machines that where powered by a person and also the fact that it was made in the Victorian era so I didn’t expect to see something like that there. but STYAL MILL WAS GREAT

Thank you for reading my comment and I’m sure every body liked it there!!!

by Ishraq

What did you learn today at Styal mill?

homework 10 facts about Queen Victoria


Queen Victoria was the longest reigning British monarch.

She was Queen from June, 1837 until her death in January, 1901

.She was born on May 24, 1819 and married her first cousin ,Prince Albert in 1840

The couple had 9 children, all of whom married into European royal families, and Victoria was often known as the grandmother of Europe

queen Victoria could speak several languages such as Urdu and Hindustani

Although queen Victoria never visited Canada she declared Ottawa the capital of the province

She was the first monarch to live at Buckingham palace in London, Queen Victoria’s coronation took place on June 28, 1838.

Queen Victoria was a prolific writer, writing about 2,500 words every day during her adult life, although some of her diaries were accidentally destroyed, many of these 122 volumes survive to this day.

Victoria did not like smoking and had ‘no smoking’ signs placed in almost all the rooms in the palace.

In the UK there are hundreds of squares and streets that are named after queen Victoria and many statues to her

Thank you for reading my 1o facts about queen Vicky (Victoria)

by Ishraq


The Peterloo massacre By Hannah

Yesterday we leant all about the Peterloo massacre. where St Peters Square is now there used to be a huge field where people had picnics and rolled around in the grass this was called ‘Petersfield’. In the victorian times all the working class people were fed up with their working conditions, facilities and the ridiculous price of grain to make make bread for their families. However they didn’t just sit there and moan they decided to have a meeting in Petersfield  and discussed there rights and listened to a man called ‘Henry Hunt’. Henry Hunt was one out of two of the of the upper class People who did believe we should all be treated equally including the working class people  he made a speech everyone was delighted to hear exept the rich


Suddenly the army charged in on their horses and started attacking the poor, who were innocent, because they thought everyone would now want what Henry Hunt did but the rich didn’t want change at all. 600 to 700 were badly injured and 15 killed. all the newspapers didn’t say the true story because they were for the rich except one the poor mans G


Thank you for reading!


5JD’s class assembly – Are you a believer?

During our class assembly today, Rafael and Usman had a debate about, if Neil Armstrong really did step foot on the moon or not. So what do you think from the evidence they gave? Comment below with either agree or disagree (maybe a reason) and your name or your child’s name. Thanks for coming to our assembly, Love Miss Davies and 5JD :-)

Queen Victoria Ushayne

Queen Victoria married a rich man which was also her cousin.

The name of the rich man was called prince  Albert he was very posh and very polite..

All though Victoria is queen she is very lazy and stern.

When prince  Albert died the lost queen began wearing black.

But a few years after Albert’s death Queen Victoria has her rest moments R.I.P in 1901.

queen Victoria reigned for 63 year.

But at the moment she is getting beat by queen Elizabeth which is also are  rich and strict  queen with a big mansion.

Queen Victoria had 9 children.

Even though queen Victoria had that many children she did not struggle at all.










Jelly experiments in Science 5JD

This week we have begun our new science topic, ‘Can you feel the force?’ We’ve been investigating friction this week and did a fun experiment with jelly, oil and flour.

Comment below on what you know about friction.





8 planet facts by Delice 5LO

1.  Mercury is the closest planet to the sun

2. Venus’ surface is known as a stormy desert

3. Earth is the only  planet with known life

4. Mars has many volcanoes and the biggest is called Olympus Mons

5. Jupiter is so big that you could fit 1300 earths in it

6. Saturn has rings made of millions of ice crystals

7. Uranus takes 84 years for an orbit round the sun

8. Neptune ha the most extreme weather in the solar system



It was a amazing time in the planetruim we learnt so many new things facts

The moons really name is Luna

The sun is a star not a planet

The moon orbits the Earth

how favinating to learn next years year 5 get ready to look forward it is so much fun

by Olivia 5LO



In maths i like doing subtraction because I am not very good at it so I need to practice so I can get better at it and also it is my weakest area in maths now I feel confident at it so I am really good at it also I now all the written methods which are counting on ,partitioning and vertical subtraction. Instead of minus or take away you say subtraction that is what I learnt from Miss O’Neil on Friday.

from Olivia 5LO.

debating in class by ishraq

In class we were debating about whether you should treat someone fairly even if they didn’t treat you fairly first and there were lots of different views about it. I think that if some one hurt you or said some thing that made you feel bad about your self then you should not be friends with them but you should still treat them fairly and be the better person so maybe if they see that your still treating them fairly then they might change.

by Ishraq

neil armstrong

I believe Neil Armstrong did land on the moon because he was interviewed many times which meant he knew a lot of facts and he even described how the earth looked like when hes in space!

Shahed 5LO


In art today we had a statement which was every picture tells a story we had to draw a picture about a Little girl called amber who lived in a house with a brother it was a really fun lesson thank you miss O’Neil it was brilliant it was a pleasure to learn.
from Olivia


IN science we had a debate about did or did Neil Armstrong land on the moon we had to write in our independent books .
by olivia