Alexander G-J’s 100 WC, “The Old Times”

On a misty night in the woods, Ten year old Lucy was walking with her cat, Sugar. She had long blonde hair. Sugar however, had gleaming green mournful eyes and had silky black coat and a secret creamy underbelly! Sugar had mournful eyes because once in these woods, his mother and father cat ventured out into the thick, shaggy undergrowth and never, returned! He remembers the old times when he used to play with his cat family. He would hunt, pounce and stalk for food for his family. But when he injured his left hing leg, his parents had to hunt far and wide to survive….







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  1. Mrs. Politowski Team 100 WCNovember 14, 2013 at 6:06 pm #

    Great job submitting your work for the 100 word challenge this week. I love your word choices, especially mournful eyes and hunt, pounce and stalk. Keep us the great writing!

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