Did Neil Armstrong land on the Moon?

In 5LO we have been debating Neil Armstrong and if he set foot on the moon. We had two teams which were for and against. When we had the debate the against side started and then we and they started off with the waving flag and how it was waving, even though there is no wind in space. In our opinion[which was for]we said that it was because of the astronaut that is holding it and twirling it around. Later in the debate we spoke about the same background for two famous pictures. Based on the evidence, we thought that the same background was used in the same picture because if you looked closely then you could see a difference. Lastly, some people said they did not believe as they said it was a hoax. Our counter to that was that the lunar landing was filmed live, so that it could not have been hoaxed. In the end for won.


By Waleed  and Sam 5LO

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