Did Neil Armstrong really set foot on the moon?

As a class we took part in a debate as to whether Neil Armstrong really did set foot on the moon.

Some people say that he did land on the moon. However others believe that he did not set foot on the moon. We think that maybe he didn’t land on the moon, based on this evidence:

  1. In the photograph that we looked at, there were no stars in the sky. There are always stars in the sky, even in the daytime
  2. In the picture the backdrop was the same on the photos
  3.  We also noticed that the flag was waving in the breeze. How could this be possible as there is no atmosphere on the moon and therefore no weather?
  4. The shadows were facing different ways, which shows that it could have been in a studio where there is more than one light source
  5.   how do we know that it is actually Neil Armstrong when they have helmets that you can’t see through?


What do you think?


by Izzy and Hannah


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