Did Neil Armstrong really step foot on the moon?

As a class we took part in a debate on whether Neil Armstrong did or did not land on the moon.

some people said that he did not land on the moon and say that the evidence is  that how could the flag be waving in the breeze? And why are there no stars in the sky? Well the people who believe that Neil Armstrong did land on the moon say that the flag looked like it was waving in the breeze is because the astronaut is obvious that the astronaut was adjusting the flag pole so it would not flout away, and the stars well were very dim and it was back in 1969 when camera’s were not very good so its a simple question.

In are opinion we think that down to all the information that Neil Armstrong did land on the moon because it makes sense that the camera’s wouldn’t have bin able to pick up the dim stars and the flag looked like it was waving in the breeze is because the astronaut holding the flag pole was probably adjusting it and turning it. Well that’s what we think, what do you think?
















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