As a class we took part in a debate as to whether Neil Armstrong really landed and set foot on the moon.

Some people say he didn’t  land on the moon because, why would he (and everyone who helped) lie that he landed?

However , others believe he did not,because, in pictures of his landing, there are no stars, and why would there be no stars in the sky?

Based on the evidence and debate ,I  believe  that, he didn’t land or set foot on the moon ,because  in pictures , the flag on the moon is blowing in the wind and there is no wind on the moon!

He could have lied , because, wouldn’t you want the glory of being remembered for being the first man on the moon?

In pictures , there is a shadow behind Neil Armstrong, and why would there be a shadow in on the moon? Plus , the shadow didn’t really look like a shadow!

It could have been taken in a room like the moon!


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