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Experimenting with jelly


  Today in science,we did an experiment where we covered jelly in oil and flour to see how quickly we could pass it around our table. We thought about the different variables to try and make the experiment a fair test. What were your results? What did you learn about friction?

Planetarium experience!

Today in year 5,we went in a huge dome in the gym and a visitor told us about the Solar System, the galaxies and some history of Mars. I learnt that the Moon was created when a planet crashed into the  Earth and rock broke off and formed the Moon,I all so learnt that Saturns […]

Jake’s fair trade cake

For my Fairtrade homework I baked a chocolate cake. I chose it because it had the three main Fairtrade ingredients in it, chocolate, coffee and sugar. I went to the Co-operative to buy my ingredients because it stores a lot of Fairtrade items. The Co-operative was the first major retailer to sell Fairtrade items (even […]

Shakespeare Week in 5SK by Oliver and Conor

  In English this week we have been learning about Shakespeare. Our main focus has been on one of has plays Julius Caesar. We have been acting some of the scenes using different methods of acting including body language and facial expression. We thought about the use of eye contact, hand gestures , moving closer and  further apart. We are […]

Mixing and separating materials

This week in science, we have been exploring what happens when you mix different materials with water and whether they can be separated again. We have learnt the terms: soluble, insoluble, dissolving, reversible, reaction, filtering and evaporating. Next week we will be looking at some irreversible changes. What do you think will happen when we […]

Tim Peake’s mission to space!


The children of Chorlton Park have been getting really excited about Tim Peake’s mission into space. Counting down the days to launch, our year 5’s appeared on Newsround with fascinating space facts. As part of the same project, our year 6 space cadets took part in a Space to Earth challenge at Temple Primary school. […]

Lord Shaftesbury


He was born in 1801. He died in 1885. He became a member of parliament at the age of 25. He was a politician and a reformer who wanted to make children’s lives better. He was the 7th earl of Shaftesbury. He was famous for stopping most of child labour. He thought children should go […]

Emotive language – show not tell

Blushing red, the tired school boy held dumbbells and stretched his arms out.   I hid in the corner of the room biting my nails because I did not want to clean the machines.   Laughing, Samuel Gregg jumped  with joy because he was making lots of money.   Slowly, a tear trickled down the apprentices face, whilst […]