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5JD race their moon buggies

We have built moon buggies this half term. We measured and cut the wood and glued them together using a glue gun. Today we raced them. We did best out of 3. Evie and Ella won race 1 and Dylan and Flynn won race 2 and 3. Well done everyone! Super designs 🌙🌟🌚🌟🌛🌟

Aimee, Izah and Eesa

As a class we took part in a debate as to whether Neil Armstrong really did set foot on the moon. Some people say he did set foot on the moon because they saw some pictures and videos for proof they also said where Apollo 11 could be. However others believe he did not because some pictures show only his shoe, […]


As a class we took part in a debate as to whether Neil Armstrong really landed and set foot on the moon. Some people say he didn’t  land on the moon because, why would he (and everyone who helped) lie that he landed? However , others believe he did not,because, in pictures of his landing, […]

8 planet facts by Delice 5LO

1.  Mercury is the closest planet to the sun 2. Venus’ surface is known as a stormy desert 3. Earth is the only  planet with known life 4. Mars has many volcanoes and the biggest is called Olympus Mons 5. Jupiter is so big that you could fit 1300 earths in it 6. Saturn has […]

5JD are ‘MAD’ scientists!

It’s Science week and today we have had a SCIENCE DAY investigating materials that burn and looking at reversible and irreversible changes. We have also been doing lots of experiemnts about the properties of materials, testing flexibility, solubility, conductivity, transparency and magnetism. We’ve had lots of fun!

About Caterpillar/butterfly life cycle The butterfly starts off as an egg and hatches into a caterpillar and are very small and cute then they turn into a chrysilas they take 2to3weeks to hatch and turn into a butterfly.