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Victorian Day


Year 5 have been enjoying having 3 strict Victorian teachers today! It’s been very different. They’re lessons have been typically Victorian and not at all like an average day in Chorlton Park. What was your favourite activity today?

Experimenting with jelly


  Today in science,we did an experiment where we covered jelly in oil and flour to see how quickly we could pass it around our table. We thought about the different variables to try and make the experiment a fair test. What were your results? What did you learn about friction?

Our marvellous moon buggies


Year a Five have been designing and creating moon buggies this week. They had to measure, saw and glue their moon buggy frames. Then they had to make them individual by adding various details such as seats, seat belts, satellites, flags and much more. The buggies were great and the children really enjoyed getting creative. […]

Our learning this week

In English this week we have been reading the last parts of there’s a boy in the girls bathroom and we did A book review. In maths we had number cards and we had to make the biggest and smallest sum. In science we had a class debate about whether Neil Armstrong did or did […]

Did Neil Armstrong land on the moon?

Today 5LO took part in a class debate to decide whether they believe that Neil Armstrong really did land on the moon. After watching clips of the moon landing and researching different theories, they all decided which side they wanted to argue for. Most of our class believed he did, but there were still a […]

Our learning this week

In English, we have There’s a boy in the girl’s bathroom and we have written formal letters pretending to be Carla or Mrs Davis from the book. Do you think your letter was like the one in the book? In maths,we have learnt how to find the difference and used different strategies to subtract. We […]

5LO in the Planetatrium

The planetarium was really cool , we got to soar through space it was so realistic! We know which stars are which. So when we see them we will be able to find all the different shapes.One of the most fascinating facts was about why stars twinkle: the reason that they twinkle is because of […]

Planetarium experience!

Today in year 5,we went in a huge dome in the gym and a visitor told us about the Solar System, the galaxies and some history of Mars. I learnt that the Moon was created when a planet crashed into the  Earth and rock broke off and formed the Moon,I all so learnt that Saturns […]

Great start to Year 5

Hi Year 5 welcome to your year group blog. We have had a fantastic first 2 weeks in Year 5. We have started to explore our space topic and have learnt about the Earth, sun and moon. Can you explain the relationship between the Earth, sun and moon?