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My rocket adventure by Evie

In my mind I see once more A galant rocket tethered to the floor like a skyscraper it stood proud its tip hiding in the cloud The sky was a violet sea waiting to engulf me, once more   I click my helmet into place getting ready to BLAST into space I climbed in the […]

Maddie+Reese’s Madusa cake

For our homework, we have made a medusa cake , filled with deliciousness and dedication. We didn’t want any help from adults and  we didn’t get any, our homework was made entirely from us. In it, was flour, butter, sugar, eggs, backing powder, icing sugar & strawberry pencils, and a pinch of giddiness 😝👭

Chorlton Park Year 5 does Julius Caesar

A huge congratulations to the children who were part of the Chorlton Arts Festival, Chorlton High School performance of Julius Caesar on Monday evening. The production was fantastic and all the children involved were incredibly committed and did a great job. From the filmers, who planned, organised (with Ms Jordan’s help) and filmed the scenes […]

5JD release their butterflies

we have been watching the lifecycle of a butterfly in 5JD for the last 4-5 weeks. When the caterpillars arrived they were tiny, about 5mm. They then grew bigger and bigger before we watched them turn into a chrysalis. After 6-10 days the butterflies began to emerge. Today we released them into the park. 

Classifying animals By Hamza

Today we have being classifying animals… Insects Insects always have six legs and three parts to their body. Some insects have either one or two pairs of wings. Birds Birds have feathers instead of scales, except on their legs and feet. All birds have wings but not all can fly. The kiwi and the emu can’t […]