Thank you for visiting our Blog, we hope to create a safe space where the children can share their learning experiences with a wide audience. In order to achieve this we ask that you abide by the following guidelines.

1. We ask that you use appropriate language and grammar in your responses. We aim to always write in full sentences with complete words and correct grammar.

2. Children are never to be referenced with both the first and last names. “Joe” is fine but “Joe Bloggs” is not. The children are fully aware of this rule and we ask that you follow it too – even if you recognise a child’s work.

3. If photos of children’s activities are published then names will not be attached to it. We ask that you do not link names with photos in your responses.

4. Always be respectful of people’s achievements and efforts.

All of the children in Year 5 follow these guidelines. Comments are always moderated to ensure that they follow the above guidelines before publication.

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