Hello and welcome to the Year 5 Blog

This page is designed to give you a brief outline of the blog, what it is for and how it will be used.

Through the blog we hope to offer parents the opportunity to share in the hard work that their children are involved in during Year 5 at Chorlton Park. We also hope this will provide opportunities for parents to become more actively involved in the education and continued progress of their children.

  • You will find information about home learning under the ‘Home learning’ tab on the Year 5 blog.
  • There are a variety of links to relevant websites to further extend your child’s learning needs under the ‘Other’ tab
  • You will find important dates for you diary under the ‘Dates’ tab
  • We will post weekly to keep you up to date with your child’s learning and post photos or examples of good work that has been produced.
  • We would love the children to comment on our posts and add new posts to the blog, this should always, as with everything on the website, use first names only.  Please see below the details regarding moderation of comments and e-safety.
  • Your child will, at some point in the first term, be given a log-in for the website, which enables them to write posts/add content, which must then be approved before they appear on the website- this may  also used as one of the methods for submitting some homework.

Use of the blog is of course completely optional, and I do not expect every parent or child to visit the site every week.  But it is here for you and your child to use as much or as little as you like. Children without internet access will not be disadvantaged, and all information placed on-line will be available in printed form.

You can comment on anything on this site- just click on the ‘click here to leave a comment’ link at the top and bottom of any ‘post’ and scroll down to the bottom of the next page that loads.  You will need to enter your name and e-mail address (the e-mail addresses are not published!).  All comments come through to the Year 5 staff to be ‘approved’ first, so they won’t appear straight away.

Please make sure you do not comment with your full surname- this helps make sure that children’s full names cannot be identified from the website.

E-safety is of paramount importance to us- below are just some of the many safegaurds that are in place to ensure that the website is a safe, secure and valuable learning environment:-

  • No last names are used on the website- children comment and post using their first name (and last name initials occasionally)
  • Comments are encouraged, but no comments will appear without first being moderated to ensure they are appropriate, sensible and constructive.
  • Whilst e-mail addresses are asked for when commenting, these are not published and are only used to track comments and identify them.  Your child is welcome to use your e-mail address or their school e-mail.
  • E-Safety is very much of the forefront of our teaching, and regular e-safety sessions will be delivered in school.

Please also do not hesitate to contact us with any comments, suggestions or questions.

We hope you find our blog to be useful and informative,

The Year 5 Team 🙂


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