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The French Boat!

The beautiful sea crashed against the edges of the Columbia, a steamliner, that I am on board.  I am also English but I am in France on my way home from the ferry port. The captain was yelling at people because we were stranded in the middle of the Sea...Read More »

The Milk In The Cupboard!

One fine sunny day, I was eating a bowl of cereal and there was no milk on the table so I got up and went over to the cupboard. As I opened the cupboard door, I stepped back in amazement! I coulden’t belive my eyes! I was so startled that I...Read More »

The Night ZooKeeper 100WC

I would like to be considered for the post of Night Zoo Keeper. I would be a great Night Zoo Keeper because I could look after all of the animals and you could count on me! So, I volunteer to be it! Anyway, some stuff about me:

A) I am a...Read More »


One gleaming, starry night, Issac and Toby were crawling though the hedge of the back yard! “Yeow!” yelled Toby as a thorn pricked his leg. “OW!” screeched Isscac as a thistle prodded into his arm. Silently they carryed on crawling, their dad came out, he was called Richard and boy,...Read More »

The Dimensional Window...

I legged it! Pete, my next door neighbour shouted “Oi Get back ‘ere with my rake!”,  “You will never get away with this!” He yelled.

“Oh yeah?! Well I just did!” I ran away, towards the house. Mum and dad were out, but Sam was in, my big bro! I always mucked about with him!...Read More »

My favorite African Animal is..............!

My favorite African animal is a……….


Leapeards are cool! They are very clever at hunting and can catch food for their clan!

...Read More »

Last Christmas...

Last Christmas I wrapped up my presents on Christmas Eve, as the glistening frost crept down the walls of the delicate house. My friend was coming for tea later so I’d better get a move on! Their present was a small stained glass jar with their name imprinted...Read More »

It's here...

One day a small boy called Michael was wandering down a dark, spooky avenue. He was 9 years old and had just lost his ball down the path. He was on his way to get it. (Chiming). “Huh?!, whats going on?” he said. (Chiming stops) After hearing the music, Michael...Read More »

End The Fear...

150 years ago, a poor boy called William was going out to fetch water for his family when he tripped over, dropping his bucket. A 12 year old bully stole it, “No! Please! Don’t take it! My family depends on it!” He called after the bully.  But the bully ignored...Read More »

Alexander G-J's 100 WC, "The Old Times"

On a misty night in the woods, Ten year old Lucy was walking with her cat, Sugar. She had long blonde hair. Sugar however, had gleaming green mournful eyes and had silky black coat and a secret creamy underbelly! Sugar had mournful eyes because once in these woods, his mother...Read More »

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