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Slavery acrostic poem.

Sadly trapped in chains,
Lives at risk,

A ship ruining lives,

Vicious traders,

Ever lasting work,

Revolting ship conditions,

You wouldn’t want to be a slave.


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100 wc by Ana

I was sitting in class (getting very bored) wondering what was in the miniture jar on top of the book shelf covered in a red cloth. Quickly, I went to investigate at lunch time but I am only small so I couldn’t reach but then PING! It multipied although the cloth...Read More »


The biggest moon in the solar system is Titan and that is one of saturn’s moons.

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My Mr Men character

My Mr Men character is Mr Opposite and he lives in a bright,muddled and mixed up house and he walks up the stairs on his hands.

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100WC by Ana

I’ll tell you something, never go in the woods at night. By now I’ve been in the wood twice, both at night. I will never go again but I’ll take you there now. That night I was alone and decided to go for a walk in the wood. It...Read More »

Mr Opposite's House

The strange,mixed up house,that was clean and bright,happened to be Mr Opposite’s green and blue home.

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Mr Men character

Mr opposite is tall,orange and has a shiny, blue nose.

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year 5

So far I have enjoyed making the rocket collage, drawing the space pictures and making our own code.

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The planetarium was really fun and I’d really want to do it again.

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Back to school!

I’m back at school and I can’t wait for the next school trips.

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