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first day with Arny

The first day with Arny went pretty well. I took him to my football game and I won 2-0 and I think we seemed pretty impressed then me and Arny looked up some facts about slavery he felt a little sad so I took him outside  and we ate sandwich’s.Then...Read More »

100 WC

Once upon a time there was a little boy named James. He lived in a small cottage in dreamland, His dream was to be king of Fairyland and rule the Globe. He looks up to his dad that was former leader of fairyland. One day in the woods a magic Dolphin...Read More »


I want to wish everyone in the world a very merry christmas

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Merry christmas

Merry Christmas Chorlton Park I hope you get everything you want for christmas

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About the heart

In Science this week the whole of year 5 did about diffrent organisims and bones in your body. Your heart pumps blood around your body to keep the blood suply going.The blood cells in your body take some blood and oxegen from your heart and give it back once they...Read More »

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