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mr bone leaving

on friday night i cried my eyes out about mr bone leaving. please stay mr bone.i realy dont want mr bone to leave.he is one of my favourite teachers.

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my 100 word challenge

Mary was bored. All she could do now was wait. Mary thought waiting was the most boring thing in the world. Mary was 10 years old and had a cat called kit-cat who she got when she was 8.mary was waiting for her uncle bobber to come .Marys favourite game...Read More »

my best friends

Wordle: Untitled

my best friends

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my african wordle

Wordle: african wordle

                   this is my african wordle.

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Amazing fact about an amazing animal

Did anyone know that a elephant can fit on a great blue whales tongue!

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victorian wordsearch

Queen Victoria
albert                charles dickens                                                           
victoria              william morris    ...Read More »


the solar system

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Wordle: all beautiful animals

All these animals are adorable!

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Mr men

My favourite Mr men is either Mr Messy or Mr Bump!

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my mr men

my mr men is called  mr grump!

i changed him from mr brave


by aoife

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