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school trip

I cant wait until the planetarium today.



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School trip

Cant wait until the Planetarium, it sounds so cool!




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big question

space is so intresting because there is so many questions such as…


is it neverending?

how many planets are there in total?

is there any planets nobody has explored?

is there such things as aliens?


and much more.                               i love yr 5



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My holidays

On holiday I went  to France  it took about 3 daysfirst we went to nanny and grandads house then a 1 day campsite then the main campsite. It had waterslides,big inflatable bannanas to ride on the lake,a beach party and a medieval day. It was amazing.  We stayed in france...Read More »

First week in yr 5

On the first day I was realy nervous but throughout the week I got used to it and  less nervous.    




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First week in year 5

Year five is real realy good.

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