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Mr Bone is leaving...

Mr Bone is leaving at Easter to work at a different school in Bangkok, Thailand.

         Everyone who will miss him                   Leave a comment with your name and a goodbye message…

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maths (don't metion in maths...)

people in mr gavins maths set last year would of heard of this…

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My collage by Eleanor

My William Morris collage is the best !!!!!


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100WC by Eleanor

Dear old friend,

I have heard of the news that there has been a typhoon in the Philippines. It made me feel sorry for all the poor, helpless people. I have donated a £10 note for the charity and I hope that you will get out of the country or find...Read More »

100WC by Eleanor

 My name is Molly; I have a dog called Boo and a little annoying brother. My mum had let me go for a little walk, so I ran along the lane up to the poppy field and climbed over the old creaky stile. I reached the middle of the field...Read More »

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