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There was boy called Bart,he was playing Minecraft until he teleported randomly into minecraft. He was very worried that he would not go back home. The place was very windy and stormy leaves were flying all around. Bart didn’t have a house there so he decided to make one out of mud blocks. It was so...Read More »

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I was in my rocket and I was feeling very nervous. The journey lasted two weeks. On the way we flew past lots of gleaming bright stars and everything felt weird. Inside the dull white rocket we could only float, I felt sick. We didn’t have normal food we had...Read More »

100wc jayden

Last year I went to Dubai with my mum in the May half term. We flew with Emirates airways. We went there to see my Auntie. The aero plane had TV screens at the back of the seat, I watched Lightening McQueen and played games. It took us 7 and a half hours...Read More »


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