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my 100wc by kai

and when I opened the cupboard door a timemachine was there it came out of the magic cupbord.So i ran up the staris to grab my bag and jumped into the time machine and i was in the dinosur time then i ran for my life.Then i came a cross...Read More »

slavey poem by buster and kai

I live in west Africa,
And that’s no word of a lie
I’m a slave trapped by chains,
And that’s no word of a lie
The white men are coming
And that’s no word of a lie
I am a slave and I am in chains
And that’s no word...Read More »

This cloud is no ordinary cloud,
It is as quiet as a mouse,
Yet it moves along the sky,
Almost invisible as it camouflages itself,
The sky hiding him as if he were a god from heaven,
He is special.

...Read More »

kais 8 facts about slave trade

1. in England they exported sugar, rum and wool

2. in west Africa they got slaves to trade in a America

3. the west Africans exported cloth, gunpowder, guns

4. in America the slaves got sold for tin, guns

5. then the pirates when back to England to get more sugar rum and wool

6.then...Read More »

kais 100 word challeng!!!

When i opened the jar this green gloppy slime came out then it tried to jump on to me but i go out the slimes way. So i ran up staris but the green slime thing ! went into the bath room and it got bigger and bigger so i...Read More »

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