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kais story

When the lion started to go to sleep a small tiny scared Meerkat came up to the lion. “What do you want?” said the lion crossly! “Mh well do you want to come to the great tree with me?” whispered Meerkat. “No but I am on my way to the...Read More »

Kai 100 word challenge !!

One foggy day Robbin hood was in bed  when there was a massive boom!!. “What was that?” Said Robbin nobody answered so Robbin got this sparkling clean bow. There was a massive warrior on a beautiful beast (horse). The villager’s where getting crushed so I got a arrow and...Read More »

my favorite animal

My best african animal is the lion it is very cool. It is fast and go a lot of stealf it is good at hunting

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William Morris  was a victorian artest

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This is some of william Morris art work by Kai

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