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William Morris was a famous artist.I made a William Morris collage.I chose William Morris pictures because he was in the victorian era and we are learning about Victorians .


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100wc by Layan

It was a bright, sunny day. I was in my bedroom doing my homework. My mum came in and said we could go to the park! Happily I skipped to my neat wardrobe to choose what to wear. When we finally got there we saw an happy, rich man...Read More »

100WC by Layan

It was a dark,gloomy night. I was in my bedroom reading a scary, frightening story. Like an owl I was trying to get to sleep because tomorrow was another day at school. Next I got out of my comfy,bouncy bed and went to my brothers room. Unhappily I walked back...Read More »

Little Miss Wobbly House

The wobbly,happy Little Miss Wobbly,who is shy and nervous,has a gigantic,new house.
The clumsy,helpful Little Miss Wobbly,who is large and red,lives in a red,strange house.

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Little miss character

The nervous,shy little miss Wobbly is wobbly and red.
The helpful,clumsy little miss Wobbly is large and happy.

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