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My Mr Men Character

As the swarming house was filled with love, joy and faithfulness, everybody always came for sleepovers everyday!

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I am in blogging club right now!!!

Blogging club is really cool because you just get to express yourself and write what you want to write.

If you people have been missing out you my friends are unluky!!!

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I just can’t stop thinking about Castleton!

Remember how we had so much fun going into each

others rooms and we all had a party!

I just wished we stayed there for three days an last day we could

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I 've got two really good talents!!! (And something else).

 Firstly I can sing

I’ve never told anybody i can sing but

looks like me and Isabel A have

been hiding somthing since nursery.

So just telling you that me and Isabel A

are very good at singing

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  1. evaMarch 7, 2014 at 1:33 pm #

    hey precy what u up to there alot of informatin about you LOL

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